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Serenity Beach

Ahoy, beach enthusiasts! Welcome to Serenity Beach at Al Barari Playground, where young explorers can enjoy a mini beach play area featuring a fantastic pirate ship. It's a seaside paradise for endless fun and imagination. Let your little ones set sail on their own adventures by the shore, building sandcastles, and making beach memories that'll last a lifetime.

Adventure Splash Pad

Dive into excitement at Al Barari Playground's Adventure Splash Zone! It's the ultimate aquatic playground for kids, featuring thrilling slides, a colossal bucket that pours endless surprises, and playful trees that spray water in all directions. With water jets and giggles galore, it's a splash-tastic adventure where fun knows no limits. 


Toddler Aqua Oasis

Introducing our Toddler Aqua Oasis at Al Barari Playground – a mini paradise where our littlest adventurers can have a splish-splashing blast! This adorable splash pad is designed just for toddlers, with mini slides and gentle water jets that'll bring smiles and giggles. 


(Giant Swing, Climbing Structure, Toddler Swing and Zipline)

Discover our magical Treehouses at Al Barari Playground, where kids' dreams take root and adventure soars to new heights! Climb into a world of imagination with our treehouse wonderland featuring a giant swing, thrilling climbing structures, a toddler swing, and an exhilarating mini zipline. A fun-filled adventure in the trees awaits you!

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Guilt Burger Shop and The Dairy Shed 

Satisfy your cravings at Al Barari Playground with our two fantastic food and beverage outlets:

The Dairy Shed - Indulge guilt-free with our selection of dairy and sugar-free ice creams. Perfect for cooling down and treating your taste buds.

The Guilt Burger Shop - For those craving savory delights, we offer a mouthwatering assortment of burgers, hotdogs, crispy fries, and vegetarian options. It's the ideal spot to refuel for more playtime fun.

Join us for a delicious break in between all the excitement and make the most of your visit at Al Barari Playground. 

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